Hypnosis Center of Eau Claire

In reality, many people do not give praise enough for what we do right. In my experience, Richard Marano does this so very well. He makes you feel at ease and gives you much more than just a session. He gives you understanding, compassion and that pat on the back we all need now and then to know we are doing the best we can. He guides us to make changes to help us through any difficulty we may have. - Theresa

I needed to lose weight, after couple sessions I`ve lost 33 lbs,,easiest way ever to lose weight or whatever you need help with. My husband needed help with pain management, he got help, now he can sleep. Go give Richard a try, lovley man to talk with. - Firma & Wayne Zais 

I have gone to Richard Marano off and on for the past 3 years. With hypnosis he has helped me with weight loss, calm my anxiety and helped me manage my stress as well as boosted my self esteem. I believe hypnosis is a natural way to tap into the powers of your mind and I highly recommend Richard to anyone who wants to improve their lives. - Vicki 

I had a very positive experience with Richard Marano. He is very professional and quickly made me feel totally at ease (and I have to admit to being a bit apprehensive about the whole thing before my appointment :). He then proceeds to guide you through the process of basically using the power of your own mind to make any change it is you want to make. He has a lot of experience and it shows. I highly recommend him! - Di 

I have been seeing Richard off and on for over 4 years for a variety of issues including depression and anxiety and he has been instrumental in helping me manage these issues and live a fuller life. Richard is super easy to talk to and he is a perfect compliment of professionalism and friendliness. I feel truly lucky to have found hypnotherapy and Richard Marano. - Emily 

All I can say is WOW! Hypnosis worked for me. Smoking 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day I was literally going broke with my habit. My family hasn't had a vacation in years. I met Richard at the office and had the session with him. I went in a smoker and came out a non smoker and actually was able to throw my last pack of cigarettes in the trash can on my way out. It has been 3 months and not once have I lit up. It is a very good feeling to feel good about myself, not stink anymore like my family use to tell me I did, and now saving money for a trip in the near future and taking my family on a real vacation. A huge thanks to Rich and hypnosis. A thumbs up for sure! - Nick


For a person that didn't know if hypnosis would work or not, it went very well. I had called to make an appointment after seeing something on tv about hypnosis. and this hypnotist told me that you have to want to have the change otherwise hypnosis does not work. I told him I wanted to change the way I felt about my life. I just recently saw him and he helped me so much. I guess the power of our mind is much stronger than I ever realized. Thank you for be so helpful in helping me through a period of grief I just couldn't get through before hypnosis. - Linda

Thank you Richard. I have been to countless therapists in over 20 years but have never felt such a safe and supportive environment. I know that it was  your compassion and experience that finally enabled me to clear out that which continued to plague my life. I am feeling calm and confident... clear and whole for the first time in memory. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Darleen Furrer

I have only gratitude and good things to say about Richard Marano!  Hypnotherapy and guided imagery therapy are very effective at reducing anxiety, stress and other dis-ease such as headache, high blood pressure or obesity. 

I initially contacted The Hypnosis Center last year to support my daughter’s health goals.  She was 15 and diagnosed with epilepsy.  Even when a high school girl isn’t experiencing seizures, she is worrying about them—and stress/anxiety are potent triggers for her seizures and migraines.

My daughter’s a skeptic, but was interested in trying anything to relieve her symptoms, as medicine alone was not effective.  Richard’s relaxed, caring energy immediately put her at ease.  His hypnotherapy service helped my daughter manage her anxiety, improve her self-esteem and take control of her life.  No surprise to me, her symptoms are improved and she is enjoying life seizure-free as any other teenager today.  At her own request, my daughter will be returning to see Richard for an anti-anxiety ‘tune-up’ and support for her weight loss goals soon!

I encourage you to see for yourself as we have in our family.  Richard is a true catalyst for healing; perhaps the lowest-cost way of achieving optimum. - Hannah

I brought my 3 grade son to see Richard Marano because my son was struggling with fear and anxiety at everything…The toughest part was at school.  He would write his name 10 times on the top of the paper and rewrite it because it wasn’t perfect enough.  He would also cry several times throughout the day because he would get nervous about answering questions or speaking in front of his classmates.  I had taken him to his pediatrician and they talked of a mild prescription.  I felt I need to explore options outside of the box.  I had seen Mr. Marano at a chamber event and I thought I would give this a try.
I explained to my son that we were going to see Mr. Marano so he could see if he could help him not feel this way.  As I set the appointment up Mr. Marano asked me questions about my son and his likes and dislikes and what kind of things were bothering my son.
So, the day of my son’s appointment Mr Marano had taken the time to find items that my son was interested in so immediately my son was not nervous to be in the room with him.  My son meet with Mr. Marano a couple of times and the process that he walked my son through was the beginning of my son feeling confident and less fearful of making a mistake or being embarrassed.
I personally would refer Mr. Marano to people who are looking for an option.  It is not scary and it something so worth trying.
I will be forever grateful for his help in making a difference in my sons life.  Today, my son is an amazing person and a leader in his classroom and in boy scouts.  I have seen him stand in front of over 100 people to make announcements and tears come to my eyes because this boy didn’t have to be put on medicines all because we thought of a different approach. - Michelle Benson